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Make Your Desktop Application Error Free

A desktop application is a program that runs independently on your desktop. Desktop applications continue to play an essential role in improving user engagement. We place customer satisfaction first and always put your business needs on priority. We have a lot of experience testing desktop applications and Windows application automation testing. Having hands-on experience with testing tools and knowledge of different business domains helps our testing team provide desktop application testing services that are confidential and accurate. We test applications on various operating systems and screen resolutions to see how they perform—HireSQA engineer’s team can test even the most up-to-date desktop applications. We use a comprehensive testing approach to assess the entire system’s functionality. In addition, our test plans cover products fully while allowing testers to attempt tasks precisely as your users would.

Despite being dominated by smartphone and tablet apps, desktop applications are still used for graphics-intensive solutions, CRM and ERP systems, industrial automation systems, financial and medical apps, SaaS and PaaS solutions, etc. Therefore, we can work with you to identify the high load periods that call for testing, whether they include enormous files on a single-instance programmer or heavy traffic from users on various workstations. Hire QA Engineers provides end-to-end desktop application testing services.

We power consistent and reliable desktop
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Deliver Consistent Quality on Desktop Apps

  • Windows Application Testing

We have extensive experience in desktop manual testing. Testing Windows applications involves a series of tests to ensure their stability, security, compatibility, and other aspects.

  • Full Platform Coverage

Desktop apps run on personal computers or workstations. SQA Engineer’s team is keen on quality. That’s why your desktop app will be tested as thoroughly as you can only imagine.

When You Need Desktop Application Testing

Desktop applications are still essential to improving user engagement, even though they’re less popular than they once were. Testing desktop application is just as important as testing web applicationsTesting desktop applications require various devices and configurations to ensure the software is accurate. Our desktop application testing engineers have a lot of experience and the support of a dedicated team to help them test even the newest desktop applications. In addition, we try all types of desktop applications to ensure that the applications are reliable, user-friendly, and interactive.

In addition, our strategy is understanding both applications under test and automation tools to produce reliable automated test scripts. From design to deployment, our desktop application testing services help you build an app that is easy to use and that people love. We choose a testing methodology that guarantees bug-free and secure applications.

Scalable And Flexible – We work with you to create the most effective and beneficial outcomes for your business. You can be sure of reasonable pricing and high-quality service.

Customer Obsessed – We power reliable desktop experiences so you can confidently meet customer expectations. Your testing documentation will be clear, and all bugs will be fixed. The code will also be clean.

Area Of Expertise in SQA and Desktop Application Testing

End-to-End Desktop Application Testing Services

In desktop application testing, you must pay close attention to installation and uninstallation tests to cover all the app’s requirements. Being an SQA-specific company, we have established an experienced team of testers. They can find existing and potential bugs in projects of any complexity. Moreover, we designate devices and operating systems to run your tests and automate your regression testing. Testing will include assessing a website’s usability, functionality, load time, and back-end results. Therefore, Hire SQA Engineer has extensive experience in eCommerce, Healthcare, Education, Automotive, Fleet & Vehicle Management, Retail, Utilities, Manufacturing, CRM, Public Survey, Parking Systems, Rebate Management, Chat Applications, Hospitality Management, Travel & Tourism, and Hotel Management software/ testing desktop applications.

At HireSQAEngineers, we are helping our global customers to achieve their business goals. Our experienced QA engineers can help you deliver a consistent experience across different machines. In addition, our QA test engineers ensure that your application/product is up-to-date and supportable with each new update and improvement. This process allows you to keep your users happy and ensure timely product releases. Hence, detailed testing will help you build a stable and flexible product.

Ensure end-user satisfaction

A buggy desktop application results in uninstall rates going up significantly. We’re committed to ensuring that your application is flawless before it goes live. Also, we put all of our resources into ensuring that your app is ready for release.

Functional and non-Functional Testing

We offer functional and non-functional desktop application testing services for various industries, including travel, banking, retail, eCommerce, Healthcare, and entertainment. So let us do the desktop application testing for you.

Area Of Expertise in SQA and Desktop Application Testing