Manual Testing

Comprehensive Manual QA and Testing Services

Manual testing is one of the most successful approaches to finding critical errors. Even in an era of automated software testing, manual testing services are still important for ensuring the flawlessness of the software development process. We are highly experienced and practiced in writing test cases, reporting bugs, providing estimates, recommending test coverage, consulting user experience, and working within the Agile software development life cycle. is a top choice for software testing services. Manual testing is our most in-demand service. For QA and manual testing services, we use real devices for web application testing, mobile application testing, desktop application testing, and similar frameworks. In addition, we provide you with a detailed report containing the list of the detected issues and recommendations on how to fix them.

We are a pioneer in manual testing and have built a niche for ourselves in this field. Our skilled QA experts take the necessary steps to ensure that our client’s application performs according to their pre-defined specifications. In addition, our testing experts are all tool-agnostic and always ready to use whichever tools are best for the overall project.

Ensure the ultimate user experience and flawless
operation of your software

We can test independently or even join your recommended tools

  • Unexpected bug detection

With the help of manual testing services, you can detect bugs that go overlooked. It allows you to verify more variable scenarios. No automated script can do that.

  • Cost-Effective

Manual testing doesn’t require paying the cost of tools’ setup, and management. Compared to automation testing, manual testing can save many times more money.

When You Need Manual Testing

Manual testing services are usually a part of custom application development. Manual testing is considered the simplest type and is one of the most successful testing approaches for finding critical bugs in the application. Manual QA testing services are needed to develop a well-functioning software product that meets your requirements and expectations. Manual testing is cheaper, more likely to find genuine user issues, and more flexible than automated testing. In addition, it saves money by providing on-time reports on found bugs and inconsistencies in requirements. Hire SQA Engineers provides comprehensive manual testing services, with a strong foundation in test processes and experience with industry-leading functional testing tools.

Manual testing is carried out from the end user’s perspective, and thus, it significantly helps improve the product’s user experience and usability. Furthermore, with manual software testing, we will be able to verify whether automation is possible. Therefore, this testing type is a must in the transition from manual testing services to automation testing.

Impeccable Reputation — We focus on long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation, offering value-for-money software testing services. We use a traceability matrix to verify requirements test coverage.

Domain Expertise — We have successfully tested multiple projects in eLearning, eCommerce, Healthcare, Finances, and other fields. We develop and execute an optimized testing plan and provide post-production support.

Area Of Expertise in SQA and Manual Testing

End-to-End Application Testing

Any type of testing can be done manually for websites, iOS, and Android mobile applications, API testing, usability testing, and other software. Manual testing can be viewed as a tester and software interaction to find bugs. Therefore, you can receive feedback during quality assurance manual testing, which is impossible with automated testing. Manual QA testing services are needed to develop a high-quality software product that meets your needs and expectations. Our QA department has extensive experience in eCommerce, Healthcare, Education, Automotive, Fleet & Vehicle Management, Retail, Utilities, Manufacturing, CRM, Public Survey, Parking Systems, Rebate Management, Chat Applications, Hospitality Management, Travel & Tourism, and Hotel Management software applications testing.

Before releasing a product, it is important to ensure that the end user will be completely satisfied with the application. Whether you’re building iOS, Android, cross-platform, or web apps, you can rely on us for professional quality assurance. Our team continuously enhances its expertise by adopting new tools, and modern software testing approaches. We use the latest tools to ensure effective testing.

Manual testing for web applications

We test functionality, usability, security, and other aspects, applying the latest manual testing techniques in work. Finding bugs yet on the development stage of your web app can reduce the cost of their fixing, also improve the application productivity and reliability.

Manual testing for mobile applications

We have deep experience in testing mobile applications on all platforms (iOS/Android/Windows Mobile, hybrid, and cross-platform) and the most common devices. Our specialists can effectively identify possible usability, connectivity, compatibility, and other issues.

Area Of Expertise in SQA and Manual Testing Services