Test Automation

Comprehensive Automated Testing Services

Test Automation can resolve the challenges of speedy development cycles and your need to respond to escalating customer requests while preserving quality. Test automation services include test automation planning, tool selection, test environment setup, test data arrangements, test script development and maintenance, and test reporting. Our Automated testing approaches can empower your business by ensuring exactness through rapid, seamless, automated test suites. No error can hide from the HireSQAEngineer.com software testing company. Do you want to ensure that your new software version does not introduce bugs or break functionality? Then HireSQAEngineer.com because your business deserves effective test automation services.

Expand the velocity of your software development cycle with our comprehensive range of QA automation testing services. Our QA automation engineers can help you select testing tools, develop test automation frameworks, maintain a test environment, and implement all automated test scripts. Our quality engineers provide you with the best automation testing services possible to ensure quality is the priority. These services are delivered at the speed and scale of agile development.

Improve Your Business Efficiency with Effective
Software Testing Automation

Your application deserves effective test automation services

  • Quick Results

Automated tests require a short execution time and let you avoid unwanted delays. Our skilled test engineers are trained to quickly discover serious functional defects.

  • Automation Of Repeatable Tests

Specialists in the automation of HireSQAEngineer.com are always ready to automate repeatable tests. We automate thousands of simultaneous manual tests maximizing test coverage.

When You Need Test Automation

Test automation strategy can be complicated, but we have the right technical chops to plan and run it effectively. There are several reasons why automation testing can be quite beneficial. It can speed up releases, improve test coverage, and find more defects. Automated software testing reduces lots of Test execution time and speeds up the test cycle for every release which helps companies to release the product in very little time without any delay. Our company provides a comprehensive range of test automation services that helps in reducing testing time with significant cost savings, thus enhancing application quality.

With extensive expertise, experience, and in-depth domain knowledge across diverse industries, we understand your specific needs and provide you with tailor-made automation solutions to suit your project requirements perfectly.

Cut down expenses and simplify testing — Our engineers create managed test environments and utilize adaptive testing frameworks to make automated test case implementation easy while cutting your overall costs.

Increase efficiency with strategic automation — With immense expertise and in-depth domain knowledge across varied industries, we provide you with tailor-made automation solutions to suit your project requirements.

Area Of Expertise in SQA and Test Automation

End-to-End Application Testing

Test automation services can help reduce regression testing time and speed up the time to market, resulting in significant cost savings over time. Any type of testing can be done automatically for websites, iOS, and Android mobile applications, API testing, usability testing, and other software. We employ top automation tools and QA engineers who implement innovative automation frameworks using the most advanced testing infrastructure. Our QA department has extensive experience in eCommerce, Healthcare, Education, Automotive, Fleet & Vehicle Management, Retail, Utilities, Manufacturing, CRM, Public Survey, Parking Systems, Rebate Management, Chat Applications, Hospitality Management, Travel & Tourism, and Hotel Management software applications testing. We eliminate the poor software quality and improve them which results in greater customer satisfaction.

Before releasing a product, it is important to ensure that the end user will be completely satisfied with the application. Whether you’re building iOS, Android, cross-platform, or web apps you can rely on us for professional quality assurance. Our team continuously enhances its expertise by adopting new tools and modern software testing approaches.

Automated testing can substitute manual testing

Unfortunately, many people do not understand the real aim of any test automation. It is to facilitate and make more effective manual work of test engineers, allowing them to focus more on problem areas.

Any tests can be automated

Tests like any other manual process can be automated. But automation is meaningless if the tests are executed only once. The process of their automation may require more time and effort than their manual execution.

Area Of Expertise in SQA and Test Automation Services